Ambrotose AO

Ambrotose AO®

Protect your body from harmful free radicals with a powerhouse of antioxidant support

Found mainly in fruits and vegetables, antioxidants are often difficult and expensive to regularly consume through diet alone. However, without the right amount of antioxidants, your body could be at risk for oxidative stress – a condition that could lead to cell damage and a compromised immune system!

Our Ambrotose AO capsules are an exceptional, power-packed supplement with antioxidant support.

Choose a supplement that’s blended, balanced and effective.

Formulated by Mannatech researchers and based on the latest science, Ambrotose AO capsules:

  • Offer antioxidant protection that’s 200% greater than the protection provided by five additional servings of fruits and vegetables
  • Provide immune support
  • Help protect your body from the harmful effects of oxidative stress, poor diet and environmental factors


  • Fights against free radicals to help you stay healthy.
  • Helps the body cope with the harmful effects of oxidative stress.
  • An abundance of vitamins C and E help guard your body’s cells.
  • Additional immune support.

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